The Advice Process

We follow a defined financial planning process (or advice process) so that you can achieve all of the benefits of financial planning advice. Of course, everyone is different, with different circumstances, needs and goals. We treat every client as an individual, but by following a defined process, you know what to expect from us.

The advice process covers our first appointments all the way through to the implementation of your financial plan and ongoing review and advice.

The stages of our advice process are as follows:

1. Identifying & understanding your goals

Initially we discuss your current situation and help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals. This ensures we understand your needs, you understand what to expect from us and you can understand how financial advice can benefit you.

At this stage we will complete a client questionnaire with you, which will record the important information we need to know about you. We will also ask for copies of your latest statements for any investments, financial products or insurance policies you hold and a copy of your driver’s licence (which we require to confirm we have confirmed your identity for the latest Anti Money Laundering legislation).

We will discuss our preparation and implementation costs and your payment options so that you know what to expect from the beginning.

2. Considering the opportunities & risks

Understanding your circumstances, goals and attitude to risk, we will provide you with the range of financial options available to help you reach your goals.

During this phase of the advice process we will briefly discuss the options available and how these options will or will not meet your needs.

3. Building your financial strategy

Based on our discussions and research we will present you with a customised financial plan which will set you on the path to where you want to be.
Your financial plan will detail the strategy we have determined is most suitable to your needs and objectives and the products that will facilitate these strategies.

4. Bringing your plans to life

We work closely with you to implement your financial strategy step-by-step. We help you to complete any necessary paperwork and are available to attend meetings with your accountant, solicitor and general insurer so that your strategy is implemented efficiently.

Once our recommendations are completely implemented we will contact you to confirm the details of you new or amended strategies and products.

5. Staying on track with regular ongoing advice

As time goes on and circumstances change your financial plan will need to be changed to keep up to date with your changing needs.

Finally, we design an ongoing service programme to ensure your plan remains up to date as your life changes and so you can obtain the benefits of ongoing reliable advice.

Sometimes life takes us in unplanned directions. We will contact you at an agreed schedule to invite you in to have a chat about your strategy; however if you ever need a little extra help on top of our initial or ongoing advice just ask us to provide you with some additional advice. We are here to help you – whatever the occasion.